Red Dead Redemption 2 Mysteries — Have They Been Solved?

Red Dead Redemption 2 came out in 2018. Since then, players of the beloved game have been finding hidden mysteries some are bigger than others of course. Most (if not all) have been solved.

Although it is nearing its 3-year anniversary, Red Dead Redemption two nevertheless continues to shock players, with one technique of this being the range of RDR2 mysteries nevertheless existing in 2020. Whether it is the 0.33 meteorite, the cause of the healthy sticks, or the compass, there are nevertheless masses to maintain gamers going. Some, however, have managed to shut the book on a few matters as soon as or twice.

The cup runneth over with Red Dead Redemption two thriller options when the sport was once ported to PC, as gamers observed solutions to some of the largest questions hence far. Unfortunately, or possibly realistically, most of these mysteries share a frequent answer.

RDR2: Where Is Gavin?

Perhaps one of the first mysteries to go viral used to be the ever-missing Gavin. Nigel spent years searching for his friends, to the factor it appears he misplaced his very own sanity. And when it got here to PC and gamers dove into recreation files, it turns out the Gavin mannequin used to be certainly Nigel himself. This solely leaves two probabilities for Red Dead Redemption two The first and albeit unlikeliest reply is that Gavin is Nigel, Nigel is Gavin, and there may be some structure of persona ailment going on here. The 2d and likeliest reply is that Nigel’s sport mannequin title is due to his function, which means Gavin does not exist in recreation, and Nigel’s sole reason is to are looking for anyone who does not exist.

RDR2: Missing Princess Isabeau Kathrina Zinsmeister

The 2d largest thriller for Red Dead Redemption two is Princess IKZ, whose reliable title is Isabeau Kathrina Zinsmeister. The desired poster displays she disappeared 15 years prior and there is a $100 reward out for her. Players have tracked her down away and wide, even so a long way as believing that she’s locked at the back of a door that no one can open (and hasn’t been glitched through) due to some bags with IKZ on it. Once once more diving into the PC sport files, gamers have been in a position to discover and spawn her personality model “IKZ.”

This is great for a few reasons, as even though her mannequin exists in the recreation files, that does not suggest she does in-game. She additionally would not appear like anyone who has been residing in a locked attic for the past 15-years. Essentially, her quest grew to become gamers into Nigel, any individual searching for every other who would not without a doubt exist. The likeliest end result from this persona mannequin and lack thereof a respectable quest is to reduce content; possibly the IKZ Wanted bounty was once a sidequest at some factor however acquired cut, leaving simply a few remnants of it in the back of like the luggage, persona model, and poster.

RDR2: The Legendary Channel Catfish

Rockstar Gavin’s gamers once more with the Legendary Channel Catfish, which is believed to be required in-game, however, that is a bit of an impossibility. Spawning the catfish on the PC model of Red Dead Redemption two renders an incomplete, disturbing, and fully destroyed persona mannequin for the Channel Catfish. Simply put, the content material used to be reduced earlier than it was once ever finished, and like gamers to IKZ and Nigel to Gavin, Red Dead Redemption two gamers acquired catfished.

RDR2: That Bigfoot Is Actually A Cave Giant

Perhaps the most lately solved Red Dead Redemption 2 thriller is that of Bigfoot, which is extra akin to a Cave Giant. YouTuber Strange Man determined audio documents for the RDR cave massive that exhibits its pleasant nature, its escort quest, its potential to be robbed, it deliberately however most unintentionally hurting the player, and so an awful lot more. It essentially appears it as soon as lived close to a city and ought to be handled like some other NPC, albeit a better and greater hazardous one. However, that content material used to be reduced and the large rather relegated into a voice at the back of the cave.

RDR2: The Answer To All The Riddles

Practically each and every thriller that has been solved boils down to one thing: reduce RDR2 content. Now it truly is no longer to say it is the reply to all things, however, it is viable that the reply to RDR2’s Mount Shann Mystery, the 1/3 meteorite, or all these different matters that followers are looking for is simply that at the stop of the day: content material that as soon as existed however no longer does. It’ll be fascinating to see if these mysteries have official solutions that gamers finally find, however, we would not keep our breath. But still, like in conditions with Gavin and the Cave Giant, the “cut content” itself can nevertheless be distinctly interesting.

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Hello, I am new to writing. I enjoy writing about true crime, history, as well as starting to write some fiction!

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Clay Carpenter

Clay Carpenter

Hello, I am new to writing. I enjoy writing about true crime, history, as well as starting to write some fiction!

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