History Of The St. Louis Cardinals — What You Didn’t Know

The St. Louis Cardinals are one of Major League Baseballs’ most popular teams. The Cardinals are personally my favorite team. The birds have been around since, 1882 and compete in the National League (NL). Competing out of St. Louis, Missouri, the cards have won 11 World Series along with 23 league pendants. Now that is impressive. The only team with more pendants than them, are the New York Yankees. The St. Louis Cardinals, are the oldest franchise west of the great Mississippi River. They also happen to be one of baseball’s most consistent teams.

Here is the history of the St. Louis Cardinals.


Photo by Jose Francisco Morales on Unsplash

At the beginning of the St. Louis Cardinals, they were known as the Brown Stockings (1882) and the Browns (1883–98), and playing in the American Association (AA), The Cardinals were nearly an overnight success, as they would go on to win four consecutive AA pennants from 1885 to 1888 immediately. In 1892 the Cardinals moved from AA to the NL, where they seemed to struggle, finishing in last or second to the last place in five of their first seven seasons in the new league. In 1900 the team changed their name to the Cardinals after one year with the nickname “Perfectos.” For the first two decades of the 1900s, the cards kept on playing inadequately, yet in 1915 it added future Hall of Fame infielder Rogers Hornsby, who started a Cardinals turnaround. In 1926 Hornsby guided the group to its first flag in quite a while and a compartment in the World Series, where the “Cards” crushed the New York Yankees in seven games. Another untouched incredible infielder, Frankie Frisch, driven the Cardinals to three World Series appearances somewhere in the range of 1928 and 1931, including one arrangement win (1931). In 1934 future Hall of Fame pitcher Dizzy Dean dominated 30 matches (and his sibling Paul won 19) for an alluring World Series-winning Cardinals group with a crude style that acquired it the moniker “the Gashouse Gang.”

In 1941 Stan Musial joined the club. Musial turned out to be ostensibly the Cardinals’ most adored star, playing 22 seasons in St. Louis and driving the group during the best time frame in establishment history. The Cardinals groups of the 1940s completed first or second in the NL standings in the entire decade save one. They showed up in four World Series over that length and won three of them (1942, 1944, 1946), the remainder of which was celebrated for outfielder Enos Slaughter breaking an eighth-inning attach with the Boston Red Sox in the choosing seventh game by scoring from a respectable starting point on a line roll over the shortstop’s head-an enormous exhibition of hustle that got known as the “Frantic scramble.”

Enos Slaughter of the St. Louis Cardinals sliding home to score the triumphant spat game seven of the 1946 World Series; Roy Partee, catcher for the Boston Red Sox, thrusts for the toss from the infield.

Enos Slaughter of the St. Louis Cardinals sliding home to score the triumphant disagreement game seven of the 1946 World Series; Roy Partee, catcher for the Boston Red Sox, lurches for the toss from the infield.

After a time of relative decrease during the 1950s, the 1960s brought another Cardinals renaissance. Driven by the powerful pitching of Bob Gibson and the expedient Lou Brock, the Cardinals played in three seven-game World Series in the decade, with their arrangement wins in 1964 and 1967 coming against the Yankees and the Red Sox, separately. The Cardinals’ 1964 title was eminent for finishing the Yankees’ wonderful mid-century administration that saw the New York group win 14 flags in 16 seasons. In 1966 the group moved into Busch Memorial Stadium (renamed Busch Stadium in 1982), which would fill in as the establishment’s home until 2005. The group started to play in another ballpark, additionally called Busch Stadium, in 2006. In 1970 the Cardinals exchanged away outfielder Curt Flood, who at that point sued Major League Baseball to provoke the club’s capacity to exchange him without his authorization, which later prompted the foundation of free office. The exceptional protective shortstop Ozzie Smith joined the group in 1982 and encouraged them to win the World Series in his first year in St. Louis. Smith’s Cardinal groups returned twice more to the World Series during the 1980s, losing the multiple times.

In 1996 the Cardinals employed administrator Tony La Russa, who might proceed to turn into the best director in group history. The next year, St. Louis added slugger Mark McGwire, whose pursuit of the single-season homer record in 1998 made him a neighborhood symbol (however claims of steroid use would later harm his standing among Cardinal fans). Whiz slugger Albert Pujols joined the group in 2001 and drove them to a re-visitation of the World Series in 2004, which was a breath because of the resurgent Red Sox. In 2006 a dark horse Cardinals crew progressed to the World Series, where it handily vanquished the supported Detroit Tigers to turn into the hero with the most reduced customary season winning rate in baseball history, in the wake of having posted a success misfortune record of 83–79.

The Cardinals showed up somewhere in the range of 2007 and 2010, a Division Series misfortune in 2009, however, in 2011, St. Louis arranged a noteworthy rebound to progress to the end of the season games subsequent to following the Atlanta Braves by 8 1/2 games in the Wild Card standings with simply a month left in the standard season. The Cardinals at that point upset both the Philadelphia Phillies and the Milwaukee Brewers in the postseason to progress to the World Series. There St. Louis vanquished the Texas Rangers in an emotional seven-game arrangement that incorporated an 11-inning game six in which the Cardinals twice came quite close to losing the World Series prior to getting ideal hits to expand-and ultimately win-the challenge.

In the wake of losing a seven-game NL Championship Series (NLCS) to the possible hero San Francisco Giants in 2012, the Cardinals again won their way into the World Series in 2013, where the group was crushed by the Red Sox in six games. The group’s run of accomplishment proceeded in 2014 with another division title and a compartment in the NLCS (a five-game misfortune to the Giants). In the wake of establishing an established precedent with its fifth in a row postseason compartment in 2015, the Cardinals neglected to arrive at the end of the season games in 2016. The group at that point posted a progression of winning seasons that neglected to bring about a postseason billet until 2019 when St. Louis caught a division title and progressed to the NLCS, where the group was cleared by the Washington Nationals.

If the Cardinals weren’t already your favorite team, well, they probably are now. The history of the Cardinals is interesting to read about. I hope you learned something valuable.

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Hello, I am new to writing. I enjoy writing about true crime, history, as well as starting to write some fiction!

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Clay Carpenter

Clay Carpenter

Hello, I am new to writing. I enjoy writing about true crime, history, as well as starting to write some fiction!

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