Grand Theft Auto Fans Believe A GTA 6 Trailer Is Coming

As you could expect Rockstar Games has been quiet not making any comments about Grand Theft Auto 6. The game hasn’t yet been announced, but with a new job listing on Rockstar’s website could lead to something huge sooner than later.

Nearly eight years ago, Grand Theft Auto 5 released. The legendary game originally came out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and is set to release again on the PlayStation 5. The game has survived three generations. With that being said, fans are growing increasingly frustrated with Rockstar Games since we have not even heard that the next installment is in the works.

We at least want some news on the next game Grand Theft Auto 6. The wait for the next game has led to some crazy speculations by the fans, some of which are believable and more credible than others. Rockstar has confirmed nothing, us fans hope and believe that a trailer has to be right around the corner.

We hear time and time again that a trailer release for GTA 6 is right around the corner, but over the last year, the reports of a possible trailer have increased. Many believed that we would see a trailer during this year’s Super Bowl LIV. The rumor was from a Reddit user and seemed credible to many. There have been many GTA 6 trailer leaks over the last year but, nothing ever came of these leaks.

But the cutting-edge rumor is a bit greater grounded in fact. Recently, a job record on the company’s internet site indicated that Rockstar would possibly be hiring for the GTA 6 trailer. The posting would not specify what the task is for, and it is essential to word that the job ought to be for every other Rockstar project, however, it is the strongest indication but that a Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer may want to be shedding soon.

Rockstar Might Be Putting The GTA 6 Trailer Team Together

Rockstar Job Post Teasing GTA 6 Trailer

The Rockstar job posting is for the function of “Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artist.” The job will contain the usage of Rockstar’s interior video taking pictures equipment to accumulate each gameplay and cinematic footage, which they will then furnish to Rockstar’s video modifying and trailer groups for use in TV and online campaigns. So the job is in actuality performing as a “camera person” for advertisements promoting Rockstar’s upcoming games. The job posting emphasizes that the Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artist will completely use in-game footage, which would appear to point out that whichever recreation they will be working on is shut to completion.

Of course, the job posting does not point out Grand Theft Auto 6 or any particular games. It does say the new worker will be working “on a variety of projects.” That ought to consist of Grand Theft Auto 6. But it may want to simply as without problems refer to the GTA 5 next-gen port, which will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S later this year. Or, it ought to be one of the many Rockstar video games in development.

It’s additionally really worth noting that Rockstar has stated GTA 6 isn’t always coming soon, which it is repeated many, many times. The employer isn’t always in a rush to shelve GTA 5 or its growth GTA Online either, as GTA Online set a document for lively gamers in 2020. There’s little tough evidence to propose an exposed trailer is proper round the corner, however, after nearly eight years of waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6, some followers will attempt to join the dots any way they can.

Originally published at on February 25, 2021.




Hello, I am new to writing. I enjoy writing about true crime, history, as well as starting to write some fiction!

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Clay Carpenter

Clay Carpenter

Hello, I am new to writing. I enjoy writing about true crime, history, as well as starting to write some fiction!

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