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Hey there, this is my about me post, thanks for stopping by and getting to know me. Well, I was born on March 27th, 1998 to two high school students. I come from a small town in Southeast Iowa. Growing up here was difficult as my family did not have a lot of money.

When I was two years old, I was taken away from my mom due to her health at the time. I was taken in by my aunt and uncle, who raised me until I was 15 and decided to move back in with my mom.

My family is big into fishing and hunting, so I grew to fall in love with fishing. Getting out on the water is where I truly find peace in my life. Throughout school, I loved sports, still do. I did not participate in High School sports because at least where I’m from, if your family is poor, and you are not popular, you simply will not play.

My favorite sport besides fishing is basketball. I used to love the sport so much, I would study history, record books, players, and their lives. It is all interesting to me. My favorite team is the Miami Heat, been a fan of them ever since I started understanding the sport.

After High School

I graduated from high school in 2016, I did not go to college I stayed working my job, while I was trying to join the military the plan ended up falling through. In 2017, I moved to Texas and worked at a car wash for around 6 months, before getting my favorite job I have had.

That job allowed me to travel the country, installing things like soap dispensers, paper towels, and toilet paper dispensers, and some other things mainly in movie theaters. It was a fun job that, I would take back in a heartbeat.

When I was 20 years old, I was at a job site when I ended up almost having a stroke, I got to the hospital just in time. I spent a week and a half in the hospital. Five days later, on my brother's 10th birthday, I had a stroke on the bathroom floor.

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a nasty disease found most commonly in 20-year-old males. The doctors recommended I move back home to be supervised and to also take time away from work. I dealt with the symptoms and challenges for two years.

Just this year in January 2021, I ended up in the hospital again when they finally decided that now is the time to remove my colon. This was my first surgery and I was terrified. Now, for about the next six months I have an ostomy.

I am much happier now. Now, my life can finally progress without the roadblocks of always ending up in the hospital, and never really being able to get out of the bathroom.

Well, that is about me and the story is still unfolding. Can’t wait to see where life goes.




Hello, I am new to writing. I enjoy writing about true crime, history, as well as starting to write some fiction!

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Clay Carpenter

Clay Carpenter

Hello, I am new to writing. I enjoy writing about true crime, history, as well as starting to write some fiction!

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